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Build your own Electric vehicle

Discussion in 'General EV Discussion' started by brian lynn, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. brian lynn

    brian lynn Corbin Sparrow No17

    Likes Received:
    I dont think it would be to hard for some of you guys to use the parts i have for sale to build your own custom EV. I dont have the skills you lads have but after reading through this site I could never split this kit. I have removed it all from a corbin sparrow. with the back end complete like it is, it would fit into any three wheeled project. anyway have a think. oh and its all listed in the classifieds.

    2 Wire PB-6 Pot Box Throttle EV Controller Compone
    Curtis Allbright SW202 250A, Motor Reversing, Pair SW201 on a Double Bracket
    Zivan NG3
    battery charger

    Curtis pmc road controller

    Vicor DC-DC convertor

    Also Boxed unused Vicor DC-DC convertor

    Full rear end complete with motor :

    mounted to the wheel is the motor drive to belt and pully on the rear end with shocker,disc ,calipers and wheel with tyre. please note this is the complete drive system.

    I also have both the Front wheels complete with tyres same as rear 16" and thin

    just about everything to start a EV project.

    Make me an offer I am not after a fortune for these just a sensible price.

    But be quick. I need the space. Oh i wont bog down the site with pictures again as they are shown in the for sale section but email me and i can send pics.

    I hope i start a good discusion
  2. brian lynn

    brian lynn Corbin Sparrow No17

    Likes Received:
    all now sold

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