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Dealerships and customer service

Discussion in 'General VW EV Forum' started by Bri, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Bri

    Bri Member

    Likes Received:
    VW e-Golf
    Sad to say most only post when something goes wrong, and this is no exception ;)

    I travelled to purchase my vehicle, the staff at the dealership franchise were brilliant, of course they were I was spending money with them, and maybe that is the answer to my woe.

    My closest dealership seem to be very lacking in the customer service department, or at least I feel they are. Am I expecting too much?

    With a new vehicle am I asking too much if I ask my local dealership to give me a quick exterior clean in their valet bay?
    And is it really too much to ask if they can remove the ICEs they have parked in the EV parking area so that I may charge whilst I'm visiting?

    Now when I bought My Toy#Yoda I found that it did not matter which dealership I visited, the PR in every one being second to none with the staff doing all they could and more to keep the smile on face, which is in contrast my local VW whom didn't seem to have the time of day, and were also clueless when it came to my request for help in setting car-net up, telling me the vehicle did not have it.

    It is a shame as I will probably now have to travel a few more miles to the next closest when I need anything in house doing.

    So even though this is the level of care I'm used to is it too much to ask when it comes to VW?

  2. SandBee

    SandBee Member

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    BMW i3 60ah
    The complete VW EV sales experience wasn't only me, then!
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