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I-miev what do I need to know

Discussion in 'General Mitsubishi EV Discussion' started by TrevMcC, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. TrevMcC

    TrevMcC New Member

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    hi all, I have seen an I-miev at a dealers and have been researching them for a while now and they seem pretty good.
    But what specific things should I be asking about when I call the dealers later, like what charging cables should come with it, is there any recall work that should have been done, battery condition etc
    And what size of home charger will I need if the deal goes through? Can get my hands on a 32Amp tethered, not sure of the type though?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. misterbleepy

    misterbleepy Active Member

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    Newquay, UK
    Peogeot iOn
    It can only charge at 16 amps via the J1772 connector on the driver side, or via a CHAdeMO rapid charger to the connector on the passenger side.
    Check for recalls here: http://www.vosa.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/searches/search.asp
    I see 5 listed against the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
    I should think it would come with a 10amp charging lead complete with inline EVSE - 13A plug one one end, biox in the middle, J1772 on the other end.
    It is also available badged as a Citroen C-Zero and Peugeot iOn, but there are a few minor differences.

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