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My first adventure

Discussion in 'General EV Discussion' started by Bri, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Bri

    Bri Member

    Likes Received:
    Volkswagen e Golf
    Not as dramatic as the title, well almost, with yesterday being both interesting and insightful, and as I'm new to driving a BEV I think quite adventurous.

    So, after mapping out a route taking note of charge stops along the way if needed I set off with a well charged battery showing about 100 miles or so.
    My first stop was after a 30 mile drive taking just under an hour with the destination being a shop, where I bought some savoury rice cakes and some of my favourite coffee. I'm a bit of a coffee addict and its been a while since I've had this particular bean and as it was in stock I can safely say the first part of this mission was a success.
    On to stop number two, which was a charge point location with the idea that I could charge for a short time whilst having a bite to eat (plus a coffee) and then on to visit a friend who lived nearby.

    This was another 30 mile stretch which included a curiosity pass of a charge point that I know is renowned for being ICEd, but to my joy was found to be a vacant bay where I could have plugged in if desired.
    Upon reaching my planned stop I was confronted by two ICE vehicles in the spaces available for EV's, and just as I was taking a photo a member of staff appeared from the door of the kitchen with some refuse bags so I caught their attention and made them aware of the situation. I had an indication of around 20 miles driving and this charge up was going to be much needed.

    To my luck it turns out that both vehicles are owned by staff, and my thoughts here were that this was much more preferential to them belonging to patrons who would take some tracking down, and which I was not in the mood for.
    I was asked which would be the most beneficial for me to have moved and after not to long I was in position and ready to swipe my card, which is my luck turned the other way....
    The POLAR charge point was dead, no lights, no display, nothing. There was though no use to me other than serving as informative, a sticker that read that this point was yet to be commissioned!
    I will be making a phone call as this is showing as live on Zap Map, and as such has now put me in a position to do some rethinking and planning.

    The closest charge point is 8 miles away and is one that I had already looked at as a possible if needed, so a search the net for their number so that I could ring them and ask if the charge point is working and available.
    I needed to charge and this looked like my only choice, that was until I was informed that there would be a fee of £5 to use the bay. It's a good job the wind was not blowing through my windows, being stuck with the face pulled upon this news would not have been good!
    They asked if I minded being called back as they went to check on the bays being free, and this gave me time to look for another alternative.
    Alternative found, 17 miles away, and this had no fee, and they looked forward to my arrival. Result!
    Except I had an indicated 20 miles and as its cold I knew this would shed quicker than wanted depending on my driving, and if this went wrong I would be right in it....

    With some artful use of re-gen and free rolling I made it to the destination with 5 miles displaying which considering, was pretty damn good.
    Once parked I did make a courtesy call to the previous place to let them know that I had found a suitable alternative and to be fair, even though they wanted a fee the staff came over as very helpful and willing so I probably would use them in the future if needed.

    Time for some fuel for the car in the way of amperes, and for me in the way of curry, which was delicious. My location, for those interested, and to give an idea of my remoteness, the Elan Valley visitor centre. I did have this place in mind for a trip at a later date with view to some cycling whilst there but it seems today's journey has turned into a bit of reconnaissance for it!
    Elan Charge 1.jpg

    Once charged it was time for the return journey, and this is where I was wishing I had twice the capacity of on-board charger as the day was longer than hoped by quite a bit, though all good for the learning curve.

    The stats for the day with data from car net read, 144 miles with a travelling time of 6:45 with an average speed of 21mph and average consumption of 4.1mi/kWh.

    A fast charger would have been very welcome and the limits of a 24kWh battery and 3.6kw charger were frustrating, though didn't dampen my spirit

    Once home it was time for another coffee and some late reading and some reflection over the events of the day.

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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  2. david cauldwell

    david cauldwell Member

    Likes Received:
    birmingham uk
    Volkswagen e Golf
    A very brave trip! I have to admit that I constrain myself to routes that have rapid chargers, which means mid-Wales is off limits to me. I have made it to the Forest of Dean, having charged at Gloucester South, but that's about as adventurous as I've been, so I admire your bravery.

  3. Dtron

    Dtron Active Member

    Likes Received:
    Audi A3 e tron
    Yes I rather like this too. In 2017 driving a BEV shouldn't require a Captain Oates 'I may be some time' quote but nothing wrong with stirring the spirit of adventure from time to time!!
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