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VW battery choice optimised for PHEVs rather than EVs

Discussion in 'General VW EV Forum' started by Tim Ostler, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Tim Ostler

    Tim Ostler Well-Known Member

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    Worcester Park
    Volkswagen e Golf
  2. MrPaulus

    MrPaulus Active Member

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    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Interesting, but there is no mention of the cost difference between the current type of batteries used and the higher density chem cells.

    At least VW has an expanding range of EVs now, where some other manufacturers have none.
  3. pbceng

    pbceng Chartered Engineer Speak EV Supporter

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    Worcestershire, UK
    Tesla Model S
    VW decided to standardise on two modules made up with the same cells but different sizes and then fit the different modules into the available space on the platform. The theory was that by standardising on only two modules and one type of cell they would get a much simplified logistics situation. The problem is that they've locked themselves into a cross platform option that optimises nothing apart from the logistics. It's also partly been driven by the fact that they wanted to use the same packs for HEVs and PHEVS so the individual modules needed to have a good power capability. As the article says that works for a HEV, to a more limited extent for a PHEV and not at all well for a BEV. The BEV plans were also compromised by using a platform designed to take an ICE - hence the two module sizes to fit around all those bits of the design that are utterly useless in a BEV.

    To some extent I think VW have castrated themselves by their emphasis on designing for cross platform volume, but there are some advantages in that you get economies of scale at a much lower level.

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